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Dear Parent,

Your final choice of MasterMinds Education Centre "When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”.

MasterMinds Education Centre fuels the desire to inculcate a lifelong habit of learning in students, imperative for holistic development. To fuel the seed of learning, the school constantly motivates the students to believe in the motto "Learning the treasure within." MasterMinds has rightly earned an enviable reputation for ensuring that our students rise to the challenge and fulfill their academic potential. Our talented faculty has forged a strong tradition for educational innovation and for creating a vibrant learning environment that nurtures students and helps them grow into well-rounded adults.

The best way to appreciate our warm and purposeful atmosphere and strong sense of community is to make a personal visit.

Education Background

About Masterminds

We are dedicated to paving the path to academic excellence.

At Masterminds, we believe that each child is unique. Each one of them is not only capable of learning, but also succeeding. We strive to discover the potential of the students and assist them throughout the process of utilising it to the fullest.

Our Vision
Create an environment conducive to in-depth learning and academic excellence, and assist students to unlock their full potential.

Our Mission
To meet and exceed the academic aspirations of our students and expectations of their parents through our trained, capable faculty.

Values: We Believe in:

  • Fostering an interesting, enjoyable and rewarding learning space.
  • Respecting diversity and cultural differences of our students.
  • Employing and empowering qualified trainers.
  • Engaging and empowering students to achieve superior academic performance by honing their innate skills
  • Remaining proactive to students and parents aiming to fine-tune teaching/learning practices.


  • Be the best in academic excellence
  • Achieve outstanding educational results
  • Student and parent satisfaction
  • Parent partnership in nurturing students